Greg Spiller


Greg was born in August 1970 in Melbourne, and has been practising photography since early adolescence. While concentrating on a career in Film greg continues to develop a style of photography leading away from the pictorial and into abstract landscapes.

"Finding Comfort in Past Joy/Searching for Conformity in Parallel Lines" is Greg’s first show depicting the development for common emotional expression of existence within environmental landscapes.

The current works are created through complete in-camera photographic manipulation.

"Finding Comfort in Past Joy"

"When negotiating the present I look back and take comfort in the past. Here on the edge of forgotten realities lie a glorious melding of real and imagined joy."

"Searching for Conformity in Parallel Lines"

"Within the unstoppable rush of images a tumultuous and amoral world presents itself. Struggling to satisfy a desire for an emotional landscape I regress into the conformity of parallel lines."

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